Local SEO Tips and Tricks

Through our years of general SEO and local SEO work the team at NAPtastic have developed a number of useful tricks.helpful-seo-tips We are happy to share the below, in the hope it will save time and increase productivity for fellow online marketers and SEO’s. Drop us a line if you want to add to this list.


Location Data

1. Perhaps the most important tip in keeping accurate location data records is to utilise a Masterlist.

The benefits of a masterlist include:

  • Time management (information all in one place)
  • Up-to-date and Accurate data
  • Track new/removed locations
  • Track citation coverage
  • Data security
  • Avoids duplication and repetition

This is an example of a NAPtastic Location Masterlist – You could also include columns for completed citations.


Google My Business (General):

1. To verify a location that can’t accept phone or letter verification, you will need to conduct a bulk upload. Once complete, an official verification with the Google Local team will resolve the process faster.

2. If you are having issues/bugs with any of your listings in the Google My Business product and you don’t have an account manager for your business (unless you are a major paying client or part of an agency you won’t have one); there is a web form you can fill in to detail the specific nature of your issue, and you will receive a call back from a Google representative within 24 hours. You can visit this link: https://support.google.com/business/troubleshooter/4546390?hl=en

Remember to be aware of the time and day difference in the U.S when trying to access this page and requesting a call back.

3. When Google will not accept your map pin placement, simply move the pin a short distance away on the map and then return it to its original location.

4. When acquiring an existing business location, rather than trying to takeover the ownership on GMB it can be easier to close the existing location on the map and create a new one in GMB once citations have been updated. This ensures that no duplication occurs, and avoids the dreaded “walking dead” scenario whereby the old location reappears because it has a load of citations suggesting it exists.


Google My Business (Bulk Upload):

1. When completing a bulk upload for Google My Business an easy way to convert the opening hours into the Google Format is by using an Microsoft Excel formula. We have developed a formula to make this process easy. Simply download the excel spreadsheet and adjust the formula for your use.

2. If there is no source file of locations, however there are local landing pages on the website, a spreadsheet can be built by scraping the landing pages. A FREE tool called import.io can be used for this.



1. Use the NAPtastic Top 50 Citations List to build relevant citations for your Australian business locations.

2. Record citation submissions, results and changes in a citation worksheet, to ensure you are up-to-date and don’t lose track of your progress. You will find this very helpful if your particular business buys/sells multiple locations; moves address; or changes phone number. We’ve supplied a free sample of a NAPtastic Citation Worksheet.

3. Submit to citations one-by-one and choose one of two approaches:

  • Approach One: Submit all NAP + Website information first to all citations in the list; Then return and submit all rich information.
  • Approach Two: Submit all NAP, Website + Rich information to each citation, before proceeding to the next in the list.

You might choose Approach One if you are waiting on hi-res photography to be done for your business, if hours of operation are changing, or if you are waiting on specific copy for descriptions and staff bios to be completed. You would choose Approach Two if you have all your information ready to go at the same time.

4. For businesses with multiple locations, if you acquire a new location mid-way through your citation submissions it is wise to catch-up the new location by submitting it to all the citations that have been completed for the other locations.

e.g. You might have 9 business locations and have submitted to 20 citations already, when you purchase a 10th location. Instead of continuing the 9 locations to the 21st citation, and starting the 10th location on the 1st citation (or 21st citation), halt the 9 locations and just submit the 10th location through citations 1-to-20 to catch it up with the other locations.

This ensures that moving forward everything is done in an organised fashion instead of having to continually go backwards and repeat citations for the new location.
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