Local SEO Services

NAPtastic offers a compelling range of local optimisation services that deliver outstanding results for all business-types from SMEs right through to Enterprise-level. Whether your business is in one location or many, we have the expertise, experience and insight to generate profitable results for your online presence.

Our services include:

  • Citation Building
  • Local SEO
  • Mobile Optimisation
  • Review Strategy
  • Local Content Creation
  • Digital Strategy
  • GMB Set-up & Maintenance
  • Location Platform set-up
  • Schema Recommendations
  • General SEO Audits + Quick Wins
  • Agency Consulting


Citation Building

One of the key considerations for any Local SEO strategy is consistent citations. Citations are references of your business on the web and range from structured citations like local business listings and local business directories with clear NAP (Name Address Phone) information; to unstructured citations such as blog articles that mention your business name and the services you offer, but only include either your phone number, address or website (not all 3), as part of the post.

NAPtastic makes it easy for any business to maximise sales opportunities by ensuring your citations are up-to-date and effective in driving local customers to your door. In addition to managing your existing citations, we will submit your pertinent NAP information to at least the Top 50 Australian Citation websites and services.

  • Choose your plan

  • Number of CitationsNumber of Citations
  • Top 50 Citations Included?Top 50 Citations Included?
  • Name, Address, Phone ?Name, Address, Phone ?
  • Photos + Rich Info?Photos + Rich Info?
  • Completed ReportCompleted Report
  • You save?You save?
  • Who should buy this?Who should buy this?
  • Bronze Plan

  • $250

    Single Location submit to 50 Citations

  • Number of Citations50
  • Top 50 Citations Included?yes
  • Name, Address, Phone ?yes
  • Photos + Rich Info?yes
  • Completed Reportyes
  • You save?$NA
  • Who should buy this?Single location with small budget
  • Silver Plan

  • $470

    Single Location submit to 100 Citations

  • Number of Citations100
  • Top 50 Citations Included?yes
  • Name, Address, Phone ?yes
  • Photos + Rich Info?yes
  • Completed Reportyes
  • You save?$30
  • Who should buy this?Single location with medium budget
  • Gold Plan

  • $680

    Single Location submit to 150 Citations

  • Number of Citations150
  • Top 50 Citations Included?yes
  • Name, Address, Phone ?yes
  • Photos + Rich Info?yes
  • Completed Reportyes
  • You save?$70
  • Who should buy this?Single location with large budget
  • Gold Plus Plan

  • $NEG

    Multiple location submission

  • Number of Citations(custom)
  • Top 50 Citations Included?yes
  • Name, Address, Phone ?yes
  • Photos + Rich Info?yes
  • Completed Reportyes
  • You save?(custom)
  • Who should buy this?Multiple location business or agency

An effective local SEO strategy is to approach trusted citation sources like Yellow Pages, Yelp, TrueLocal and Foursquare as well as industry specific citations like TripAdvisor for travel and UrbanSpoon for restaurants. These all offer free local business listings and because all of your contact information is listed together (NAP + website) in a structured way it is seen as a strong signal to Google regarding your business. Having this consistency across all your locations builds trust, relevancy and authority resulting in better search rankings for each of your business locations.

However, keeping this all up-to-date can be a tiresome and time consuming exercise. Building, updating and maintaining citations and local business listings can become overwhelming if you have hundreds of existing citations and/or when you have more than a handful of locations to cover. Now, it can all be done for you by NAPtastic.

We take the hassle out of maintaining your citations by giving you an account manager to oversee all of your listings. Simply supply the NAP and website info for your business and let us take care of the rest.

Starting at $5/citation NAPtastic is the most simple and cost-effective way to ensure that your business maintains local SEO credibility and relevancy by keeping all your local business listings up to date at all the major local citation sources. Because our citation building is done manually, with over 10 years experience in the business, you know you are going to get personal service and the best results.

We also offer a citation refresher package, for a small fee. You may need to do a refresher if your business changes its address or phone number. This will ensure that when you change, traffic and customers come with you.

Choose one of the citation building plans above (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Gold Plus) to get started with improving your online presence today


Local SEO Audit

With over ten years experience in local search, we have learnt quite a bit about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to Local SEO. That’s why we offer a comprehensive full-website audit focusing on both the technical and content areas of improvement in Local SEO. Recommendations will include SEO quick win items such as technical fixes and correcting errors identified by Google; content recommendations to improve localisation; mobile friendly optimisation; and general SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) improvements.

NAPtastic can develop a local strategy which will deliver benefits in multiple areas, including but not limited to:

  • Significantly improve web and foot traffic for your business
  • Top rankings for local searches in the map section of the SERP (see image below)
  • Increase customer awareness and interaction through higher website visits, customer reviews and telephone calls
  • Create an online presence with consistency across multiple platforms

Local SEO Map SERPA typical SERPs page for a local search showing the local pack results at left, and the map result at right.

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Mobile Audit & Optimisation

You’ve probably known about the importance of Mobile for quite a while now. What you may not know is that mobile is now more important than ever. Google recently announced that as of April 2015, mobile optimisation will be a ranking signal in the Google algorithm. What this means for you is that if your website isn’t mobile friendly then you are going to find it difficult to rank in Google when searches are conducted on mobile devices. For Local businesses this is critical because 60% of consumers use mobile devices to find information on local products and services, and 40% of those are on-the-go when searching. If you want to be found by your customers then your website needs to be mobile friendly. NAPtastic can ensure that your website is mobile ready for business.

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Local Review Strategy

A local review strategy is designed to tap into your customer base and have them provide online reviews for you in order to boost your brand’s presence on the web. Think of it like word-of-mouth. This also allows you to communicate with your customers and address any feedback/concerns they have with the business. When you factor in that 88% of people trust online reviews and 57% of consumers will visit a local business website after reading a positive review (source: Bright Local 2014 Survey) you soon realise how powerful online reviews are, and that you need a strategy to ensure that you are leveraging real, honest reviews of your business.

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Local Content Creation

NAPtastic can help position your business online in order to boost your status as a local entity. To help achieve this, we recommend that content be created which targets your community and surrounds. Rather than just talk about your business on your website, it is a good tactic to include content that targets your locality by providing information & news that pertains to your location and is useful to your visitors. In addition to including things like landmarks and directions, other content ideas include commenting on local events (perhaps having a calendar), supporting a local sports team and discussing that team, or partnering with other businesses who offer supplemental or complementary products/services to yours.

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GMB Set-up and Maintenance

Google My Business can be tricky to set-up for first timers, and it can be even trickier to maintain with all the discrete changes Google makes which they don’t broadcast to the business sector. NAPtastic have worked with enterprise clients with as many as 1000 locations, and we are experts at setting up & maintaining GMB in a time efficient and cost effective way. With so many online things to worry about why concern yourself with another, when NAPtastic can take care of this for you, at an afforable rate.

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Location Platform Setup

As with Google My Business, the other location platforms can be tricky to set up (read more about location platforms here). Whilst having a Google My Business listing takes care of Google, you don’t want to miss out on all the additional traffic you could be getting from the other popular location platforms like Facebook and Foursquare. We specialise in setting up Bing Places and Facebook Business Pages, but we can also set up others for you and maintain them as part of the GMB maintenance package. Click on the Enquire Now button below to find out more on how you can get a greater share of the pie.

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Schema Recommendations

Schema is markup coding that allows you to tell the search engines exactly what particular elements on your page are about. e.g. You can mark up specific business elements to identify your business name, phone number, address, products and services. Because this is computer coding it can be confusing to business owners to understand. NAPtastic has worked with many local businesses to provide solid schema recommendations, and can do the same for you. If you want the search engines to understand WHO you are and WHAT you do, then click on the Enquire Now button.

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General SEO Audits & Quick Wins

With a combined experience of more than 20 years in general SEO, we can do more than just Local. If your business is suffering from search engine woes, and you need assistance, then we are here to help you. Diagnosing website issues and finding those needle-in-a-haystack errors is our forte. At NAPtastic we’ll get your website running like a well-oiled machine in no time.

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Agency Consulting

NAPtastic offers consulting to agencies at a cost of $250/hr (NEG) to assist in all areas of SEO and optimisation. From website audits to specialised local industry recommendations, we offer enterprise-level expertise across all areas of SEO with decades of experience and insight. For some agencies this may be as simple as obtaining a submission process for a particular citation or a more intensive full-blown digital strategy. Whatever your need, NAPtastic has you covered.

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Need Something Different?

Perhaps you are looking for a different service for your business, which isn’t listed here. Please contact us and we’ll do our best to help. In addition to our own expertise, we have strong connections with many top-level agencies in the digital community and can network with them on your behalf in order to provide a specialist solution to your particular need.

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